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Meet JK and Bailey!

Meet JK and Bailey!
JK is mad about the GAA. Loves it. Trains rain, hail or shine at his local club. Can’t decide whether he likes hurling or football more, hates it when training sessions clash. A keen-eyed corner forward, he loves a sideline cut to drop the sliotar between the posts, or a rocket to boot the ball past the keeper into the top corner of the net. Sweet.
Bailey is JK’s #1 fan and official Kit Dog. She also never misses a training session, and can often be seen chasing rabbits around the far end of the pitch. Prefers hurling to football, as there’s more chewing in a hurl. Sliotars come a close second, as they last AGES, and JK will puck a few balls to keep her running at half time.
Happy days!
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