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Our Journey

After returning home to Ireland from the USA in 2003 Vince and Marie set up a small business from their home selling kids DVDs, toys, and books. With two sons mad into the GAA, Vince noticed a gap in the market for sports gear that would be high quality and offer value for money. Some brainstorming ensued and a new business was launched.

Initially the product range was sold in shops in the Munster area only. Now you can find Score More products in shops in almost every village, town, and city in Ireland.


Our Brand

Much thought went into creating a brand name from the outset. We wanted something to reflect the Irishness of GAA sport in addition to its competitive and feel-good factors. The boys suggested “Scór Mór” and we liked it!

Scór = Score. Mór = Big.

To emphasize our Irishness we added a Celtic symbol to the logo.


The brand name worked but over time we learned that it was difficult to find online because of its Irish spelling and use of fadas. We wanted to stay true to our brand’s origin when creating a new contemporary online friendly name. After multiple group brainstorms with team members, kids, family, friends, SEO specialists, logo gurus, and everyone else who was prepared to listen, the google friendly “Score More” was chosen by the team. And we updated the Celtic symbol to create a circular shape symbolizing a ball.


Our Products

Over the past few years, the Score More range has evolved from everyday essential items needed by players and now includes products for the GAA supporter including beanies, scarves, and baseball caps.

Where possible we source locally. Our Hurl’s are hand crafted by 2nd generation hurley makers in County Wexford and are made from 100% ash. All our hurleys are gripped in house. Our hurley gift set boxes are manufactured in Dublin and assembled at our Cork warehouse and are 100% biodegradable.

Our fully certified factory partners are leaders in their specialist areas. We collaborate closely with them to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest quality using ethically sourced environmentally friendly raw materials. Wherever possible we use recycled or recyclable materials.