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SNAP-FIT Mouthguard Adult - Electric Blue

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Adult Mouthguards for ages 11 years and up. UNRIVALLED DENTAL PROTECTION: Each of our mouthguards is approved for a multitude of different contact sports, giving you expert dental protection. From hockey, rugby or lacrosse each and every OPRO mouthguard offers the highest level of dental protection for all of your athletic endeavours. OPRO gumshields are a fantastic option for any athlete looking for the ultimate protection and care of their teeth. NO MOULDING NECESSARY: The Snap-Fit OPRO Mouthguard requires no moulding, boiling, or special fitting like other mouthguards do. Ready to use upon purchase, this ready-to-use Snap-Fit Mouthguard is both retentive and extremely protective without any of the fuss. This easier-than-ever mouthguard ensures the full protection of your teeth and gums the second you put it in your mouth. Rest easy knowing your teeth will always remain protected with the revolutionary Snap-Fit Mouthguard. OPRO QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: The OPRO brand has been the top tier level of mouthguards for over twenty years. OPRO is now a brand trusted by the England Rugby, UFC, England Hockey and many others. 18 MONTH DENTAL WARRANTY: Each OPRO Bronze-Level Mouthguard is backed by their 18-Month Dental Warranty for peace of mind. In the unlikely event of accidental tooth loss or injury whilst wearing your OPRO, our warranty covers dental repairs up to £5,000 and is effective for 18 months from the date of purchase of your OPRO. Please contact OPRO directly for more information.

If you are a club or school, get in touch with us using the contact form or email us at and enquire about our special CLUB & SCHOOL DISCOUNT for orders over €500 with free shipping!